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Stand up against animal husbandry, this global cannibal slave trade!

Husbandry is the father and the worst of all slavery. This criminal activity victimizes 99.9% of the zooppressed. The animalist resistance – proof that it does not yet exist – should therefore necessarily be combined with the fight against the abuse called « breeding ». The mizoone culture is carried out in the breeding which makes genocide normalized. Methodical, industrial, premeditated, cyclised: a global holocaust perpetuated by natalist crime. The sapiens male, colonizer of the Female Body, proceeds to an extractivism of our sensitive flesh, making in his exploitation a factory of factory-bodies, making in his exploitation a cyclic extermination by forced childbirth. The farmer is an exploiter who makes childbirth a production… The guilty ones are those men who get symbolic power and financial profit from it, each breeder is a criminal. Each cager is a jailer. Sexer, Rapist or Butcher can never be professions.

The immoral industrial farming is historically and ethically based on small farmers whose practices have never been kind. The bucolic picture is a propaganda of the shepherd who hides his stick. Pastoralism is violence. Pastured animals are murdered. Intensive or extensive, they are always appropriate and captives. Livestock is not a detail of History. Animals are all wild before being in servitude to the tyrants of the Sapiens species. Domestication is male-made-violence. Animal husbandry being a form of slavery, it cannot be reformed, nor can its violence be managed, but it must be abolished. Forbidding murder, rape, torture, crippling their premeditation: this is what animalist resistance requires. Industrialism is not a flaw in the system, it is the domesti-killing system that is the flaw.

This slavery of procreation is planned by the mafia networks internationally, by multinationals such as Nestlé, Cargill, JBS. From eugenicist tortures, to the industrialization of rape, to the commercialization of the fragmented exterminated bodies, the persecutions of the zoophagized people know no limits. Abolishing animal husbandry is a justice that goes beyond state logic. Animalist resistance will therefore necessarily be internationalist. Governments pass, multinationals stay and impose their laws on nation-states…

It is the most important fight of earthling females against the cannibalistic animal civilization. This battle has no other target than Ethics, because supranational bodies such as the Criminal Court are in the hands of ordinary psychopaths who are currently orchestrating the flesh-slave trade. Decision-makers are not competent to feel empathy, so they are dangerous and must be removed. The argumentative focus that repeats that other animals are sentient beings – as a rational postulate for their emancipation – exists to hide the fact that zooppressors are devoid of precisely this sensibility.

The projective inversion is at its height when these scary people agitate a doubt by facts of debate and when these same speakers do not have the qualities that they deny to the victims. The exceptionalism of the humani-male is his phallocentrism.

CEOs are not emotionally fit, which explains their death-eaters policies and absolute incompetence in managing the ongoing ecocide. Science must recognize that the androcrat planet mechanically places those who are not capable of sensitivity in power. Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestlé, does not know that a cow exists. We must quickly neutralize this man and prevent him from doing harm.

At a time when diseases are overflowing from infectious camps, the fight for the abolition of animal husbandry joins the prevention of the suicide of a civilization. By piling up suffocating animals, humans beings suffocate in the hospital. Breeding is viral, the proliferation in those concentration camps inevitably contaminates the kapos that we are. Anyone who no longer feels otherness must be quickly removed from power. The eugenic sexing of future martyrs circulates in all the specist laboratories of the World at the same time as a female gives birth every second in the corridor of a murder camp. Let the die-tary zoocide stop, because our alter egos are not food. Fascist trusts must be dismantled both in their vertical structures of zoolocaust-profiteering actors and in their horizontal geopolitical structures of cooptation. The FAO is failing in its mission because animal husbandry is making the world starve, the WHO is failing in its mission because pandemics are zoonoses intrinsic to domestic crime and zoophagy is a poison. The UN, the minion of multinationals, is the problem, not the solution… No institution in place integrates in its field of consideration animals other than themselves. Also the hope should be about an insurrection, because those who commandeer a crime will never abolish it. Femalist resistance, if it wants to succeed, must be more than a lobby, it must go beyond the reactive calendar, it must confront the physicality of evil, embody its statements …

Stand up against husbandry !

May our hands stand up for the billions of paws that have been ripped off ! May our fingers point to the enemies of animal dignity! May our arms protect the violated females! May our fists oppose the breeders of pain! May our wrists open the farms! May our gestures repel the violators! May our writings name the tortures! May our bodies oppose the zooppressors! Hands to end husbandry NOW ! The crimes perpetrated by sexo-pedo-specists have to stop ! The breeder must be prevented from kidnapping children and substituting bulls, pigs, roosters, ducks, rabbits, carps… No gods, no masters, no bosses, no husbands! Femalists for as long as it takes! Our hands will never cease to be banners until the universal abolition of husbandry! Our thumbs are already opening the latches releasing the political prizooners! The resistance of females against androspecism is underway! Mizoogyny everywhere, justice nowhere : let us be the slaps of the gynolocaust! Let our hooves sabotage the concentration camps! May our beaks tear down the fences! May our flippers swim out of fish farms ! May our claws make the dicktature fall !

May our arms be wings!

Let us be the hands of tomorrow!





Stand-up against husbandry

Stop natalist holocaust 

Husbandry, abolition!

Animal husbandry is devastating the world 

Your meat had a face 

Free me 

Stop zoolocaust

Report your zoocriminal 

Zoolocaust = Ecocide = Zoocide

Animal revolution

Femalist as long as it takes 

Freedom can’t wait

Humanism is a fascism 

Open deportation trucks 

Open the farms 

Husbandry is the male sapiens 

Animal husbandry is a pandemic 

Animal bodies are colonized 

Stop zoophagia

Livestock: global organ trafficking

None of us is free if one of us is caged 

Freedom, equality, zoolidarity 

Don’t boycott me, free me 

Free them !

Until every animal is free

Females against humani-male 


Husbandry is slavery

Milk is rape / Meat is rape

Stop natalicide

Stop animal bashing

Husbandry kills Earth

Open farrowing camps

Eugenics, abolition ! 

Females, the First Colony…

Stop animal procreative rape

Husbandry is patriarchal 

Free political prizooners

Against sexing

Females against rapists

Breeding is mass slaughter 

Fish farming, abolition

Breeders = bioterrorists

Animal husbandry is liberticidal 

Stop slavery

Jailers, not a profession

Amazoone rebellion

Farmers guilty

Husbandry is apocalypse

A cow is not a product 

No flesh should be for sale 

Pastoralism is violence 

Intensive, extensive, always captive

Domesecration abolition

Ethical breeding doesn’t exist 

No husbandry without hostages  

Sequestration must be abolished

Husbandry is a war against animals

I am chicken / sow / pig / duck…

The abolition of husbandry is a feminist fight 

To abolish husbandry, free the slaves 

Nestlé guilty of crime against animal life 

My body is not made to be eaten, raped or sold 

Femalist insurretion now !

Don’t keep calm and abolish husbandry

Don’t keep calm and free all slaves

Their freedom cannot be asked for, it must be restored !

In butcher, what is it that you don’t understand ? 

Worse than a hunter, a breeder of pain 

No more breeding, no more farrowing, end the mass killing 

Breeder of nothing, killer of everything 

Universal abolition of reproductive slavery

Husbandry = Father of the worst slavery