MEAT IS PRISON : don’t boycott prisoners, release them !

It’s clear that the cognitive dissonance that tries to render invisible an animal being by disguising it as food has an even more powerful double : the cognitive dissonance of the cage.

These flesh slaves that populate by bilions the cages, boxes, warehouses, enclosures, are prizooners but their emprizoonement doesn’t seem to be deemed as an act of torture. The most obvious evidence of this state of mind is that the « conditions » of this zoolocaust are at best considered problematic, even if there can’t be any breeding activity without imprisonment, however transitory, and this confinement is swept away as an immutable violence.
The slaves of breeding, such as hens, rabbits, pigs, turkeys, calves, no longer exist in the collective humanocratic imagination as wild animals running free. Also, it would seem that the conceptual grid that naturalized the cage literally prevents awareness on the reality of the confinement that the hutch grid provides.

Being moved by the prettiness of a rabbit behind a grid is very common. But who knows to see that the ones who watch that and do nothing to free the rabbit from its prison are animal torturers, psycho jailers at large ? The animals oppressed by famers don’t have a cage gene, they are not slaves by nature, their confinement is based on the arbitrary and contingent criteria of the species. Because their emprizoonment is secular, it is no longer perceived as senseless abuse. The ubiquity of restraining vandalized animals is what prevents their massive planetary releases.
Captivity is an outrage when the animal exists as free in the humanist imagination. The so-called « mouth » animals are captive of the totalitarian and supremacist humanist ideology.

Females are colonized by the androcrats who rapes them to get them pregnant. As soon as the oppressed is part of the lower caste of the zoophagized, the bar is planted in the flesh LITERALLY, like the ring in the nose, the pin in the vulva, the loop in the ear, the registration number tattooed on the skin, cooked alive by iron marking. Prison is shoved into their bodies. Because the logic of a spatial restriction inevitably leads to mutilations. Even compressed bodies take up too much space. And barbarism is in place…

Breeding is a natalist holocaust which gives birth in order to perform an industrial zoocide. But between the birth of the martyr and their execution there is the whole DURATION of a short life of multiple persecutions that starts by separating them by their sex, fattening them, force-feeding them, lactating them, forcing them to lay eggs… It is urgent to scream the most admitted of all these persecutions : the crime of incarceration. Because what’s the point of the Law when it recognizes sensitivity, if it is in principle ethereal and does not apply prosaically to the recognition of sensitivity to confinement ?

Each part of body, decapitated in meat, broken up into organs, packed in trays, atomized in cans, cremated in billions of domestic ovens, was the possibility of being in the world of a unique individual who has only ever known an existence without space. Farm zooppressed animals have no space. They are deprived of movements and privatized like things… Consideration begins when they are objectified. The butcher respects food when the breeder terrorizes the emotional person. Zoonimals are the waste products of meat. Bacon is aestheticized in cannibal recipes and the pigs are forgotten. The care for hygiene is reserved to the cold flesh, but the trembling flesh of life has only blows and mutilations, stink and shit. Veterinarians are doctors who eat their patients. The beautiful cut of the butcher contradicts the surgeons’ gestures.
The question that the Mizoone world never wants to ask itself is to murder or save a bruised body.
The farm encloses and the body dolorized by genetic and chemical tortures, in concentration camps, in deportation trucks, in steamship liners, up to the hooks of impalement, theses bodies will only have known straitjackets …

The concept of meat is a prison that demoralizes the consideration for our speicised alter ego. Abstinence from eating them does not allow access to the cages where the victims languish.
To abolish the emprizoonnement, let’s free the imprisoned and get the emprizoonners out of their impunity. As long as there is only one animal in a cage, we will all be in a cage.
Let’s get out of the era of selfies, let’s give back our dissimilar their air that belongs to them. There’s only one solution : the massive deliverance of the packaged, the intrusion into the prizoons of shame.
Each farm is the illegitimate possession of a dispossessed appropriation to the inhabitants of the Earth. Pain producers operate every second to intrude into the bodily territory of our sisters and brothers.
The Earth becomes an unbreathable prison because we do not know how to abolish its prizoons. Breeding serves as a conceptual matrix for the normalization of confinement, as obvious as the banality of his illness is. Human males have modeled imprisonment as one of the ways of enslavement.

The triple diaspora of females will cease, foreclosed in the androlect, without legitimate land and colonized by forced pregnancies; we’re going to stop being the incubation matrices to reproduce the holocaust. We are going to reunite the mothers and their children, we are going to deliver the martyrs of gestation from the inseminating rape camps.

Allowing conditions for animal insurrection, women, that is our function in the femalist struggle.
Restoring to the females their power to act, rid them of the prison which paralyzes them and paralyzes all hopes of another world, such is the adventure that we need to bring about immediately ! No appetite for captives ! Let’s no longer swallow sequestration and go provoke a general mutiny, animal mutiny ! So that finally : the swallowed ones escape !!!

Solveig HALLOIN, 6 mars 2020