The layers of denial surrounding the uncontrollable state of slaves from world farming are numerous. Also, it is not only the ‘goveganism’ which validates the passivity against the biggest cruelty of all time, it is also the inflating of sporadic rescues, the magnifying mirror put on the survivors as to hide the holocaust of billions of murders per day. At this point, the focus on a rescue is the leaf that hides global deforestation …
The hypocrites ball wavers the wrong questions to get the compassionate laurels and so contributes to the sustainability of the holocaust. The deniers of stats threat with obscene questions: « Where are the animals delivered from the cages?’’ to silent THE FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION: « Where are the animals? « 


So, between knowing the current catastrophe and ignoring the fate of survivors from sequestration, the struggle for the abolition of the natalist holocaust must recognize which side leans the ethics. Mizoogyny is so strong from homo sapiens who refuses his nature, that cognitive dissonances speak out. Bringing the zoothers out of the mental prizons where they are foreclosed means opening the prizooners hutches. Real prisons are conceptual jails, that make prisons real … The domesticator wants to maintain his privilege to possess by the look. Animalist mutation must deconstruct domestication if it wants to evolve. A wrong animalism will always be speciesist. The cage, the shed, the enclosure, the shelter, the reserve, even mystified in « sanctuary », are not the house of zoonimals. A cage is not a house, it’s a prison. Accepting not to see is to leave the appropriation by the gaze. Seeing and knowing hell, the Worst-present, or ignoring the future of the escaped, that’s the question. The care is not under the gaze. What benefit does the dying derive when the viewer is watching the agony? Zero.

Since they can’t be the property of another, all the freedanimals do not own the land, 99% owned by andronimals. The zoonimals have no rights, nor do they enjoy the unfair privilege of androcratic property. Thus setting the freedanimals in bondage is impossible.
Since it’s their bodily territory itself that is plundered, the so-called « rent » animal, « the furniture », has no longer any legitimate territorial space. The error of wrong animalism would be to go through the capitalist logic by purchasing a piece of land to give them a crumb of an existential right to inhabit the Earth. There is not a penny to give to Capital for a private or state reserve. The radical struggle consists in restoring ALL the earthly space to those who do not recognize the barbarity of the « Nation » and its crazy inventions of « borders ». The mobilities of zoonimals are not reconcilable with the arbitrariness humanist dictatorships. The birds fly must inspire all migrations. The abolition of all the cages of the world carries in germ the abolition of the borders and all the cultural and contingent types of confinement of the living ones. It’s the criminal jailers who breed, or other domesticators that must be neutralized: not freedom of innocent ones that must be limited or canceled. Do not let shelters be the sad utopia of animalist struggle. In the same way as the indigenous reserves, the women’s centers or the migrant camps are not a solution to the violence of the possessors, but the expression of their all-powerfulness. Prison, even enlarged, can not be the solution since it’s the problem. Prison does not neutralize violence, it is violence and makes violence. The coexistences between species are the condition of the existence of each. Freedom of bee or earthworm are the obligations for the future of sapiens sapiens. The human great ape, if it does not restore to the billions of slaves the freedom not to reproduce by their deliverance from the industrial rape camps, is already the one whose bodies will be eaten for € 1.99.

The crazy invention to own land is intrinsically linked to its continuum on terrestrial individuals. The sedentary breeder wants to own the inappropriable. Open the farms is also leaving the prisons civilization. A farm is a model for a prison. Livestock farming initiates a process of banalisation of confinement. In our decadent time when the cage is naturalized into a slaves house, it is unconditional to open them and undomesticate all species in the world, it is the only antidote to the ongoing apocalypse. Locking up another is violent.

For justice and its wonders to win, let’s open the farms. The simplest and most obvious act of getting our alter-ego out of the jail is the most powerful act for animal liberation.
To you, who’s dying in a shit hole under the complicit eye of a hypocritical-sadistic camera.
To you, the rights will fight.
Animal Liberation is the liberations of animals.
To abolish the nolocaust, it is not a question of closing the slaughterhouses, nor of filming the slaughterhouses, nor of blocking the slaughterhouses, but of OPENING THE SLAUGHTERHOUSES. Everywhere, all the time: the death camps like the agony camps. The millions of survivors of the holocaust – no more forced to industrial reproduction – will reinvent their organizations to the emancipation of their martyred peoples. Humanocrat must stop intervening. Species barrier does not exist. Only a stupid monkey is able to invent barriers to impoverish himself with domestication.

It’s time to discover othernesses wealth that deprives us the entire humanist dictatorship and its dictatorial regime called « breeding ». It’s time to prevent men from breeding slaves by using the bodies of rabbits, sows, cows, goats, hens, ducks, as reproductive interfaces compensating their male infertility.

Resist to a zooppressive system should never be done without the urgent need to get the victims out of hell here and immediately. Otherwise, it’s only the criminal hypocrisy of a posture that brandishes the « animal question » as an analytico-descriptive debate without acting the real liberation of political prizooners. The reformist attitude is a naive and irresponsible agenda. If we don’t get the right to vote by the vote, if the freedom to vote for its masters can not stop the injustice, we don’t ask freedom from jailers, let’s tear it LITERALLY off the laws that normalize the holocaust and let’s ask the end of despots. It is necessary to cut the roots of cannimal holocausters males.

To organize the resistance let’s start by freeing the zlaves. From intensive to extensive barbed wire, they are still captive!
Breeder-hunters will go through our bodies if they want to continue murdering zoothers.
We will be shields for them.
The ones that killers will have to shoot down so that the survivors have time to lick their wounds.

They are in cages and we have the keys, let’s open the farms, let’s deliver them.
From crows to freedom there is only one bar.
Join the defense of prizooners.
Close your laptop,
Take your crowbar,
Go open the hutches,
Prizooners on your screen
Free them from your eyes!
Free them from the sheds!
From camps to fields now!


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