« Browning: the evolution of domestic animals into the wild after escape. This is called a brown or feral animal.
The term comes from an old job; it used to refer to the flight into a slave’s jungle. »

What is a farm? Prisons in the abyss where beings are bodies trapped in genetic torture, chemical prison, prison-cage, prison-box, prison-hangar, prison-fences. Outside these walls – for any horizon of the miraculous saved from the assassination – sporadic refuges, other enlarged prisons. Outside the refuge the territory of the humanocratic dictatorship on which zoothers are without right. From genetic prison to androquia prison, existences under compression.

What is a farm? Promiscuity, intensive. The rapist breeder is guilty of proliferation and concentration camp crimes.

What is a farm? The ultimate domestication of « domus », house, and « dominus », dominate. When the house is the prison for generations, it is perceived as natural. It seems that flesh slaves possess the cage gene. The cognitive dissonance of the cage seems even more powerful than the meat one.


What is livestock farming? Slavery in cage.

The farm locks up and the hell lies to them.
When hell is here, everywhere is better than here, elsewhere is necessary. Only one solution, the attempt. When the holocaust is in the place, making liberation is an ethical duty. Livestock farming must be abolished because it is essential. Not to try anything is to collaborate. Any attempt to interrupt cannot be worse than the uninterrupted Worst. To put in or leave in a cage comes from the same psychopathy.

The very first freedom, from all eternity, is freedom of movement. And freedom can’t wait. All the livestock farms in the world are on the death row for people sentenced to suspended slit throats. But it’s no longer a question of filming it, showing it, seeing it. Filming isn’t liberating, it is a question of intervening in the current tragedy. There is no justice without acts of justice. Let’s leave the morbid contemplation of the spectacle of agonies to interrupt their agonies, to reach out with the arm that breaks the evil. Let’s leave the scopic gaze that can’t see anymore.

To abolish slavery, let’s free the slaves. Let’s release the zoonimals so that they can record their freedom. That each opened cage delivers a fighter. Let nothing about them be done without them. Let the chaos of the freedanimals overthrow the totalitarian order. Against zootortionaries, let’s stop being master rescuers and become zoofighters’ warrant officers. Let’s finally restore their agentivity to them. Zoonimals can’t simply be passive beneficiaries of our well-meaning guardianships. Let’s take the place of the second, let them trace by their own paths the paths of resistance. Each of them will be the unique inventor of self-defense. Allies for justice, let’s remove the tools of the tyrants and their almighty criminal power will give in to their devices: let’s open all the cages of the farms, let’s free the savages. Let’s open the farms until they’re all empty. Let’s open the doors of the deportation cars, let’s open the slaughterhouses. Let’s help them escape from hell. Let’s take them out, out of confinement to fugitive generations. May the divagation of each and every one begins Zoopolis, another odyssey of civilization. The animalist era arrives as a post-apocalyptic springtime. Spring is coming now.

Open the padlocks, destroy the watchtowers. Understanding that the number of prisoners, if it is the worst contemporary tragedy, is also the greatest potential for the abolition of reproductive slavery. To stop their eternal Treblinka, let the survivors subvert the status quo. Let’s transform the tragic impasse of the appalling animal condition into a future. Let’s stop being blind to the cage and finally perceive the immeasurable potential of their desire to live.
Freeing the prizooners is an ethically, pragmatically and strategically right act.
Let’s free them to create another imaginary.
Let us free them, it is a profound act of peace.
May the deliverances spread throughout the world like a foolish hope for the loss of meaning.


Solveig HALLOIN, 14 avril 2019

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