MEAT IS RAPE, your meat is her baby !


Long before the slaughterhouse blood cascades, long before the space-time black hole where dread is commonplace, once upon a time the blood farm mares. Because before the execution chain industry, before the birth camps, there are abortion camps. The death of mares by abortive marathon and blood siphoning. Raped, emptied, aborted, locked up, the martyred females of the carnage camps will be murdered bloodless to make meat, their hormone production squeezed to the last drop of ECG so that the natalist zoolocaust can reign worldwide. Horse torture has the function of the global burst of torture. Breeding is a permanent worldwide genocide by fractal holocaust. Assassinations preside to other assassinations. Male and female horses are raped for further fertility to be advanced, so that rapes start at precocious puberty.
The hormone ECG is stolen and inoculated on billions of females on farms. This hormone creates an overproduction of eggs which will be transplanted into the meat matrix, prolificacy booster, giantized babies…
Mares guilty of possessing a hormone coveted by extermination Nazis are killed for the industrial planning of births by the agricultural mafia. The hormone taken by the death of the mares is used to synchronize the heat of all the females of the breeding. The natal crime of reproductive breeding begins with the torture of mares. Before the slaughterhouses, fetuses are slaughtered in the bodies of live mares. At the heart of the infernal system there are rapes to produce abortions and rapes to produce newborns for fattening. Aborted or unborn females are raped, males are raped by male professional rapists, sacrificial inseminators…
Bull breeders are wankers, pain breeders, thieves of takeoffs and lives, death breeders…
CEVA is an outlaw mafia multinational, a giant pharmacy whose veterinarians devour their patients after eugenics, rape, blood spoliation, sperm pumping, butcher’s abortions. These vampires are ahead of the cannibals, the murder of horses precedes the murder of all other farm animals. Here, females and fetuses are decimated by the thousands…
Industry for death worse than an industry of the death…. Reproductive rape presides over the worldwide natalist holocaust. Humanity swallows rape into the abyss over myriads of generations who have been gang-raped by genotyping.
How many times have the factory bodies been raped on the chain of births in the livestock sector? How many mutilations by castration of roosters, piglets? How many penetrations through the duck force-feeding esophagus? How many perforations in the abdomen of the fish? How many double intrusions through the anus and vagina of female mammals? The bodies skewered for cooking the corpses will have undergone living, vibrating, procreative intrusions impacting all their existence.
Farming wades in shit, blood and sperm
We now place ourselves between the victims and the rapist’s pistol, free the mares, open the blood farms, deliver the prisoners from gestations and cages, avoid their abduction of children, the exhaustion of permanent pregnancies, the torture of milking machines, the spreading of expulsions of decalcifying eggs.
If we stop them from raping, they won’t have anyone left to kill. Rape is violence. If for us women, rape kills the woman in the woman, how to leave its culture without the abolition of the legalities of their reproductive industries?
Are we still going to leave the violent hands of breeders the right to deny the value of what giving birth means?
Are we finally going to get the mechanics out of the skins? Are we still going to let a single female undergo pistol shots in the vagina? Sponges taking their sex hostage? Catheters in the ovaries, chin straps to enrich billionaires?
No birth, no more breeding, end of carnage …
It is no longer time to swallow rape, we must now spit it out at the head of livestock criminals, we must cut the circular cycle of reproductive killers. In order to end birth-slavery, interventions for birth must be stopped.
Let’s deliver the mares from sperm, lock up the pimps of the meat!
Let us abandon the symptoms of the zoolocaust, and let us sap the roots of the male, because only the good is radical.

Solveig HALLOIN, 14 février 2020